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Water treatment


SIMAM specialises in water treatment solutions in the following sectors:



 icon_globalservice_sc_60px Global Service



SIMAM S.p.A. provides innovative solutions which lead to better performance in the purification and treatment of water. We can provide a complete service by managing all the phases of a plant’s life-cycle as part of our Global Service.


icon_progettazione_30px Planning


Our design is the starting point to develop plants with cutting-edge technologies and absolutely effective and reliable standards.


Our systems are based on physical processes related to membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and direct osmosis technology, engineered through treatability and other testing carried out in our laboratory or directly at a waste disposal site. 


icon_realizzazione_30px Building


A Technical Unit consists of 7 process engineers, 5 mechanical and electronic instrumentation plant engineers, 2 plant technicians and 9 3d designers. A Research Unit consists of 6 engineers, 3 chemists and biologists.


Researchers, Designers, Project Developers and Analysts. This is the team of professionals that support our technicians in our electronic - mechanical workshop, available to clients to solve specific problems in a practical and specialist manner.


icon_gestione_30px Management




Through our Global Services management, we handle all the technical, administrative and authorisation needs of our clients. In fact, we take all the responsibility, including waste disposal.


SIMAM S.p.A. accompanies its clients from the study of a problem, to the development and management of the solution. We design, build and operate plants on a "turnkey" basis: this is what our Global Services are about.



SIMAM also offers the following water treatment services:


  • Planning and construction of civil and industrial liquid waste treatment plants using processes and technology within the limits stipulated by Italian Legislative Decree N. 152/06
  • Suspended and attached biomass biological wastewater treatment
  • Standardisation of sewage treatment plants using preassembled steel and fibreglass machinery
  • Rainwater treatment plants built according to the specifications of Directive 200/60/EC
  • Sewage separation, first-flush treatment, ordinary rainwater treatment and first-flush diverters
  • Planning and construction of plants for producing potable water for industrial use and desalinating seawater/brackish water, according to the specifications of Italian Legislative Decree N. 31/2001
  • Skid-mounted machinery
  • Systems and applied technologies for biological and physical/chemical purification, filtration, groundwater and industrial liquid waste separation
  • Nuclear power station cooling water treatment
  • Radioactive water treatment.

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