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Mobile water conditioning unit



 Mobile Water Conditioning Unit

Product description

The SIMAM mobile water conditioning unit works according to the principle of reverse osmosis.It can be used to treat contaminated and brackish water in waterworks, lakes, rivers and wells. The unit has been designed to remove: bacteria, harmful organisms and excessive amounts of salt. The end result is potable water fit for industrial and human consumption.



  Mobile Water Conditioning Unit

The units

The conditioning units are built into 20" and 40" containers or can be split into a number of containers depending on the volume of potable water you require. The purified water can be stored in a tank built into a container, in a larger external tank or spread across several containers. The potable water booster pumps are installed in the container, which is air conditioned, insulated and can be fitted with a generator set.



  Mobile Water Conditioning Unit

Types of treatment


  • Chlorine disinfection
  • Quartzite filtration of suspended solids
  • Activated carbon dechlorination
  • Safety filtration
  • Desalination via reverse osmosis.




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