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Technical services and environmental engineering Porto Torres

Location   Client
Porto Torres - Sassari  

Snamprogetti Spa

Description of work    

We provided technical assistance and carried out environmental engineering works for the purpose of implementing adequate safety measures during an emergency in a petrochemical plant located inside the national interest site of Porto Torres according to the safety rules and regulations of the ministerial decree n. 471/99.

Porto Torres - Ingegneria Ambientale
 Detail of work    
  • Support for the planning and verification tests of the hydraulic barrier (around 60 wells which extend along the entire water-front for about 4 700 m)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Periodic verifications for the optimization of the drainage course of the hydraulic barrier
  • Optimization of extraction (water and supernatant) from drainage trenches on the sea side (extension 1.300m with an average depth di 5m) and extraction (supernatant) from supernatant recovery wells
  • Pilot tests realized with the aim of drawing up a preliminary study with the eventual realization of a refill barrier placed at drainage vales
  • Engineering activities and supervision in the fields of environmental activity.

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