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Technical services and environmental engineering Falconara Marittima

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Falconara Marittima - Ancona  

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Description of work    

Technical services and environmental engineering.


  • Management of environmental monitoring
  • Supervision regarding the activity characterization, monitoring and interventions for the purpose of making the area adequately safe in case of an emergency situation
  • Planning and execution of environmental interventions
  • Technical support offered to the customer in order to comply with the rules and regulations enforced by the  control authorities.


Falconara Marittima - Ingegneria Ambientale
Detail of work    

Technical services and environmental engineering works were carried out for the purpose of implementing adequate safety measures in the case of an emergency in the petrochemical plant located in the national interest area of Falconara in accordance to the provisions of the ministerial decree  471/99.


  • Supervision of activity characterization, monitoringand implementing adequate security measures in case of an emergency
  • Technical assistance provided in order to prepare a technical report for the characterization plan
  • Preparation, management and maintenance of an automated systems for the recovery of floating substances
  • Planning and construction of a physical barrier (130 - meter length at a depth of 10 meters)
  • Checks carried out on the hydraulic barrier systems (wells) and the sheet piling barrier
  • Planning and execution of pilot test (bioslurping- MPE) carried out with a mobile system.

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