The Social Statement

The Social Statement is a tool used to evaluate and assess the sum of the company's social performance and present it to the stakeholders, providing a clear representation of the impact produced.


It is therefore a tool for social assessment with which SIMAM evaluates and communicates its behaviour, its results and the impact of its actions, via both quantitative and qualitative data and information, referring to the social results it has achieved.


The Social Statement has become a strategic tool for businesses and local authorities, both of which have made significant innovations in administration and the promotion of a new political culture in which communication, transparency, social responsibility are evermore central to company management.


In this context, the Social Statement can be viewed as tool for Social Responsibility designed to communicate its mission and its values; to take account of activities carried out, of the social impact generated, the benefits brought; to promote the active participation of stakeholders; to reinforce the company image and the trust placed in us by the local community in which we are working.




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