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The SIMAM social responsability policy

The SIMAM social responsibility policy is based on being a responsible company for its stakeholders:
Human Resources: Employees
SIMAM pays particular to the satisfaction of its Human Resources. It allocates funds for professional training and development. It seeks solutions that allow employees to find the right work/life balance.
It adopts a equal opportunities pay and career policy. It develops transparent recruitment policies. It protects health and safety in the workplace.
SIMAM offers products and services of certified and documented quality. It provides answers and solutions able to satisfy the needs and expectations of Customers. It listens to Customers' needs and transforms them into operational solutions. It dedicates human and financial resources to innovation and technological research. It provides quality, safety and reliability guarantees.
SIMAM selects its suppliers on the basis of transparency and equal opportunities; it assesses references, technical-management capabilities and business ethics. It consolidates relationships via qualification processes. It favours local suppliers where possible and when outsourcing abroad chooses suppliers that respect human rights and adopt environmental standards.
The environment
SIMAM adopts a environmentally-friendly management policy; it reduces the emission of pollutants and limits the environmental impact of its activities as much as possible. It provides remedy for any environmental damage caused by its activities. It allocates resources for environmental research and ecologically sustainable manufacturing processes. It promotes environmental protection as a company value both for itself and its partners.
SIMAM supports the activities of social organisations at local, national and international level. It collaborates with schools, universities, employment centres and training centres in the development of training courses tailored to suit the requirements of the employment market. It considers future generations as potential future partners. It promotes solidarity within the networks and consortiums it belongs to.

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