Supervision of restoration works aimed at implementing permanent safety measures in a contaminated Assemini

Location   Client
Assemini - Cagliari   Syndial Spa
Description of work    

Restoration works aimed at implementing permanent safety measures in a contaminated site.


  • Supervisions of all restoration works carried out in order to complete the project
  • Technical and administrative services offered to the customer
  • Project management and supervision.


 Detail of work    

The area covers about 21 ha and is located near the pond of Santa GillaThe implementation of permanent safety measures have translated into activities such as work supervision, the offer of technical and administrative services and the management and supervision of the whole project. In practical terms the project consisted of isolating completely the polluted area from the surrounding environment thus avoiding  leakages of contaminated water present within the perimeter, the elimination of rainwater infiltrations and the progressive decrease of contaminating  pollutants present on the site. 



In order to achieve the aforementioned aims the following works had to be carried out:



  • The construction of a plastic impermeable diaphragm positioned alongside the perimeter of the contaminated area for a length of around 2000 meters embedded in the clayey substrate and located at approximately 40 meters depth from the ground level.
  • The installation of an  impermeable cover for of the whole area affected by the intervention
  • The installation of a  pumping water system  to ensure that the level of the groundwater present inside the area affected by the intervention is maintained at a lower level compared to the groundwater located outside the area affected by restoration.



The environmental restoration project consisted in the reshaping of the entire area affected by the intervention and the subsequent land reclamation.



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