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Research and Development

SIMAM is listed on the Italian Research Laboratories Register, which was instituted by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research as per Article 14, Paragraphs 9-15 of the Ministerial Decree No. 593 dated 8 August 2000.


SIMAM's R&D Unit conducts research into alternative technology in the areas of water treatment, waste treatment and renewable energy. Our experimental work focuses on:


  • identifying reliable methods for treating types of waste that are still not extensively covered by technical literature in the sector.
  • developing and optimising eco-innovative treatment processes which, as well as being extremely environmentally friendly, make the on-site treatment of liquid waste possible.


Currently, this waste is sent for disposal at authorised plants, but our treatment processes aim to create commercially valuable by-products and speed up reuse. The purpose of our technological research into processing is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of plants, and improve the environmental compatibility of production processes. The purpose of our technological research into processing is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of plants, and improve the environmental compatibility of production processes.


Below you will find a list of some of SIMAM's research projects:


Generator - Street light for generating electrical energy from wind and photovoltaic souces with extensive application potential

Can be used for a wide range of applications. The project is being financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development under the energy efficiency category of the Industria 2015 industrial innovation bill. Partners include: SCE Srl, AMRE Srl, SGM Srl, the Polytechnic University of the Marche Region, University of Bologna (Dept. of Mechanical, Nuclear, Aviation, and Metallurgical Engineering) and the Faenza branch of ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development). Targets: construction of an eco-compatible, co-axial vertical axis wind turbine which incorporates a high efficiency photovoltaic unit. Currently nearing completion.


Pilot treatment system for landfill leachate. This project is self-financed

The objectives of our research (carried out at a Municipal Solid Waste - MSW - landfill site) are to map out a process for treating landfill leachate which avoids transferring the waste to external treatment sites for disposal. This involves creating a drainage system and then re-injecting the leachate volume back into the landfill mass.


Enerclean - Hydrogen obtained from aluminium combustion

This project is financed by the Ministry of Economic Development under the "Made in Italy" category of Industria 2015. Partners include: Busi Spa, Saiet Spa, Comar Srl, Sestante Srl, Isa Srl, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Dept. of Sciences and Engineering Methods), University of Bologna (Dept. of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems), University of Brescia (Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) and the INAMOTER Institute of CNR (the Italian National Research Council). Targets: develop an energy system based on the use of the product and by-products of burning a solid fuel in a water-saturated atmosphere. This system has the potential to achieve simultaneous and integrated generation of four secondary energy sources and can thus be classified as a 100% environmentally sustainable "combined heat hydrogen steam and power" (CHHSP) model.


Planning and creation of package units for treating water via membrane filtration processes

This research project is self-financed and its goal is to construct a pilot MBR plant with a maximum capacity of 3 m³/h, as well as conduct experiments to evaluate how effective it is in treating industrial liquid waste and how well the system can be applied.

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