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Remediation and demolition decommissioned deposit for combustible oil Priolo

Location   Client
Priolo - Siracusa  

Syndial Spa

Description of work    

The activities objective to the supply of services by SIMAM are consistent in the editing of a specific technique for the execution of extraordinary maintenance within an area which is a decommissioned deposit for combustible BTZ oil.

Priolo - Bonifica e demolizione
 Detail of work    

Details of the services offered:


  • Preliminary investigations on the terrain of the area to verify the volumes involved in the contamination (setup of a sample campaign of the superficial terrain)
  • Verification and census of the existing structures
  • Drafting of a specific technique for extraordinary maintenance.


Management in the executive phase consists of:


  • Removal and disposal of refuse present in the area with the contextual vacuuming of portions of the superficial terrain contaminated by hydrocarbon
  • Water and sediment bailing present in the tank collected slurry and in the well collection systems of the sewerage system externally accessible with successive disposal
  • Cleaning with high pressure hoses and/or superficial disposal of the concrete structures visibly contaminated (slurry, basement tanks, pump room and sewer structures)
  • Bareing and removal with mechanical means subterranean sewer structures, with successive disposal of materials
  • Geomagnetic investigations on the whole area and land reclamation of the terrain from the presence of  residual wartime objects and structures
  • Editing of a final report of the activities carried out.

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