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Disidrat plant for the dehydration of waste
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Disidrat plant - Ravenna

Simam S.p.A., acting as the representative of a temporary grouping of companies, and Remondis Industrie Service GmbH, has signed a service contract, for a period of 6 years, with Herambiente S.p.A., for the construction and operation of a new dehydration plant for liquid and semi-liquid waste and partial or total stabilization of solid or semi-solid waste inside the Disidrat plant owned by Herambiente S.p.A.


Disidrat is a waste treatment plant for liquids, semi-liquids, solids and sludge which chemical and physical treatments aimed at the recovery of the waste in the Disidrat plant’s units.


In fact, non-hazardous waste treated in compliance with current legislation is mainly used for covering landfills for non-hazardous waste, while hazardous waste is used for filling mines, and inorganic waste is used for energy recovery on fluid beds in Germany.


For more information on the Disidrat pkabt, you can consult the following links:








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