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An agreement was recently reached for SIMAM S.p.A to sell and integrate Hydration Technology Innovations’ (HTI) FO technology in ITALY


Hydration Technology Innovations, LLC (HTI), the world’s only commercial manufacturer of Forward Osmosis (FO) membranes, modules and systems, reached an International Distribution, Services and Cooperation Agreement for FO Technology with SIMAM S.p.A in Italy. SIMAM S.p.A will distribute HTI’s FO OsMem™ membrane technology for industrial applications, including those in the downstream Oil & Gas industry.


HTI has, through its exclusive manufacture of unique proprietary membrane materials, made possible the capture and duplication of a natural occurring process in nature, Forward Osmosis, and turned it into a “Green” technology; a Green technology that is typically low energy and allows for efficient filtration and treatment of many of the world’s most difficult industrial wastewater streams for non-potable reuse. HTI specializes in supplying Forward Osmosis technology to customers for treatment applications within industries such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Biofuels, Landfills, Petrochemicals, Food Processing, and alternative energy Bio Digesters for methane gas production. HTI recently announced new generation Osmotic Membrane Bioreactors for industrial wastewater treatment along with specialized process technology for supplying Cooling Tower Makeup water from impaired water sources.


“We are extremely pleased with the talent, vision and foresight of the entire SIMAM team,” said Walt Schultz, CEO of HTI. “SIMAM has a proven track record of installing highly efficient and well engineered treatment systems for industry, and has a keen understanding of membrane process technology; they have the knowledge, and vision to facilitate the rapid diffusion of Forward Osmosis technology throughout the region.”


SIMAM S.p.A is an Italian engineering, services and main contracting company offering clients the complete range of management, technical and support services needed to shift projects from concept to successful operations. The firm’s core services include consulting, project development, program management, engineering design, construction management and operations, global services, procurement services and training. Simam strives to be the supplier of choice by providing benchmark technical and environmental excellence through responsive, safe and cost-effective project delivery.


Established in 1994 and headquartered in Senigallia, the company has grown steadily to a group of 180 skilled technicians and graduates, providing a full range of environmental and engineering services, to both government (public) and industrial clients in the following business lines: Engineering, Main Contracting and Global Services, Environmental Services, Environmental liabilities management and clean-up, Industrial facilities Construction and Management, Waste management and Energy. The firm holds ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008. 


In the industrial world, water plays several roles: it is a process fluid that can limit/regulate the industrial production and the consumption of oil, gas and products; it is a “by-product” or a waste; it is more or less available and, consequently, it is a resource to be utilized for industrial, agricultural and common uses. Finally, it is always something that “impacts a company’s brand.”


Simam S.p.A operates successfully in the field of water and wastewater treatment, by serving clients both in the public and in the private sector and by covering all the services in which the sector is articulated, from the engineering, to the supply on turn-key-basis of treatment plants, to the provision of technical assistance and consultancy services. Simam has operated in Italy and abroad, by designing, building and operating, according to client’s needs and requirements, more than 100 hundred ground-water treatment plants, water and wastewater treatment plants. “Simam SpA, acting as DISTRIBUTOR of HTI, will make best efforts to open the Italian market and strengthen HTI technology being confident that this will be a great opportunity to consolidate and increase its position on the peculiar market”, said Sandro Rossi, CEO of SIMAM SpA.


About HTI’s Forward Osmosis Technology

In two state-of-the-art plant facilities located in Albany, Ore., HTI manufactures a proprietary Forward Osmosis membrane material that allows osmosis, which is a natural process of liquids seeking equilibrium when separated by a membrane. This filtration process leaves behind virtually all contaminants. Forward Osmosis can filter water without the need for high pumping pressure found in many traditional filtration systems. Thus, Forward Osmosis filtration systems use very little energy, are constructed from relatively low cost materials and are capable of filtering highly contaminated dirty water, even those containing high solid concentrations, without plugging. HTI’s forward osmosis membrane has been commercially used since 1996 and most recently in such industries as landfill leachate, oil and gas, energy generation, biogas cogeneration and municipal wastewater recycling. HTI also has a full suite of Forward Osmosis emergency hydration products used by the Military, in humanitarian disaster relief and sold in retail stores for personal hydration. HTI is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.


For more information visit www.htiwater.com



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