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Industrial wastewater treatment

Types of water treated

SIMAM S.p.A., an expert in water treatment, provides the following types of treatment services:


  • Treatment of industrial wastewater
  • Treatment of domestic or civil wastewater
  • Treatment of initial rain water from rainfall events

The company is constantly testing and researching new technologies for water purification. These studies allow the achievement of maximum efficiency in wastewater treatment and consequently optimisation and cost reduction.


Industrial waste water: the issues

acque_reflue_industrialiWater is used in the production processes of most industries.

In order to be disposed of in the environment, the water used in these processes must meet certain requirements, which are set out in the Table in Attachment 5 to Legislative Decree 152/2006.

In order to comply with this legislation, but above all for the protection of the environment and its sustainability, it is therefore necessary to use wastewater cleaning processes that meet the required values and eliminate pollutants.

It is therefore essential to select a competent and professional partner capable of treating liquid waste products, which generally consist of low to medium flow rates but with concentrations of contaminants that are sometimes very high.

Main contaminants and pollutants

Industrial waste may consist mainly of the following contaminants:


  • Turbidity
  • Surfactants
  • Mineral oils
  • COD
  • Phosphorus
  • Suspended matter and sediment
  • Metals
  • Dyes

Purpose of water treatment

riutilizzo-acquaOne of the possible purposes of treatment is the re-use of cleaned wastewater (as defined in Ministerial Decree 185/2003) for example, for irrigation, washing the streets in urban areas, supplying heating systems and boilers or cooling systems, fire alarm systems supply, reuse in production processes, for example in thermal cycles, and all general uses where potable water is not required.

Where reuse is not necessary, technologies and processes for the purification and elimination of pollutants contained in water are used to discharge the treated water into surface water or the sewage system.

In the case of industrial waste water, the water normally contains pollutants for which physical and chemical treatment is necessary, since biological treatment is not sufficient.

This type of treatment regards a chemical process required to make suspended organic and inorganic pollutants, or those dissolved in the water, insoluble. A physical process is then necessary to separate the insoluble part from the aqueous part.

The solutions we implement

professionisti-trattamento-acquePossible solutions we implement differ depending on the number and concentrations of contaminants in industrial wastewater.

The treatment processes are studied and custom-designed by our team of experts in accordance with the real needs of our customers.


These processes may involve the following elements:

  • de-oiling section of plate packs section
  • physical and chemical section
  • filtration pressure section
  • stripping/adsorption section
  • sludge dewatering centrifuge section
  • ion-exchange processing by selective resins section
  • treatment by filtration on non-carbonaceous materials section
  • treatment by absorption on packed columns, plates and bubblers section
  • advanced oxidation processes treatment section
  • dissolved air flotation treatment section
  • stripping vents treatment using catalytic oxidation section
  • cryogenic condensation treatment section


SIMAM S.p.A. is also the exclusive Italian distributor of Motimo and HTI membranes.
In the membrane treatment sections it is therefore possible to use all the most efficient technologies and membranes, ranging from Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nano-filtration or ceramic membranes, RO - Reverse Osmosis membranes, MBR membranes and FO - Forward Osmosis membranes.


The Company is in fact able to use treatment sections through Hybrid Osmosis filtration using Reverse Osmosis technologies combined with Direct Osmosis technologies: this ensures the achievement of the highest level of efficiency with a consequent reduction in direct and indirect costs.

Our systems have a high modularity that allows the highest level of treatment processes optimisation.

telecontrolloThe efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment is ensured and certified by an advanced monitoring and automatic control system in the field.

In this regard, Simam S.p.A. has developed a cloud computing based real-time monitoring and control system, an advanced Remote Control Portal from which water treatment plants can be managed.

This leads to significant benefits that consist in ensuring the highest level of efficiency in pollutant purification processes, real-time monitoring of the values from each section and module, as well as immediate and prompt intervention in the event of any failures or malfunctioning.



Some of our references


Services provided by the company

Simam S.p.A. acts as a partner for the provision of the following services:

  • Feasibility study of the treatment plant
  • Assessment, planning and development of processes
  • Laboratory analysis and pilot projects
  • Management of authorisation processes
  • Plant design
  • Turnkey construction of the plant
  • Operation and maintenance of the plant
  • Where necessary, projects for the adaptation of existing plants
  • Analysis for minimising the costs and increasing the efficiency of processes already underway
  • Renovation and expansion of existing plants
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Global Service

The company is specialised and has considerable experience in the Global Service management of water treatment plants.

In fact, Simam acts as the sole interlocutor entrusted with full responsibility for the plant, and this allows the customer to exonerate partners from any criminal or administrative liability should the required limits not be complied with.

The company therefore bears all burdens and responsibilities towards local authorities, and is responsible for managing relationships with regulatory and certification bodies.

Therefore, the Global Service offered by SIMAM ensures customers or partners are provided with the highest service quality that results in maximum treatment efficiency, the highest possible reduction in the volume and hazardous nature of waste, as well as a reduction in operating, direct and indirect costs, such as the optimisation of the energy used for the purification and optimisation of reagents needed for treatment processes.

This is ensured due to the high operational experience gained by SIMAM’S personnel, who are specialists in the management of both mobile and fixed treatment plants.

formazione-tecnici-specializzatiIn fact, where necessary, SIMAM provides an on-site supervision service by qualified personnel for both routine and extraordinary plant management.

Training and refresher courses are in fact continuously provided to ensure that every specialised technician is able to deal with all routine or extraordinary activities; this minimises plant wear and tear and maximises its life-cycle.

Industries the company works with

Simam S.p.A. has considerable experience and is able to offer its services in the following industries:

  • Mechanical
  • • Chemical
  • Ceramic
  • Cosmetic
  • Electroplating
  • Wood
  • Manufacture of automobiles
  • Tanneries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Plastics
  • Production of food products
  • Manufacture of paint, dyes and the printing industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Car washes
  • Fuel service stations

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