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In-depth determination of the geological and hydrogeological situation Priolo

Location   Client
National heritage site in Priolo - Siracusa   Versalis Spa

Technical support for the Client in in response to ministerial requirements:


  • Determination of the extent and volume of areas with the presence of pyrite ash
  • Study to provide in-depth geological and hydrogeological information in the area where the SG11plant is located, and hydrogeological modelling aimed at determining the functionality and effectiveness of the initially installed safety measures (hydraulic barriers and physical confinement)
  • Assistance with supervisory authorities and P.P. A.A.
 Details of the activities    
  • Investigation of pyrite ashes
  • Acquisition and analysis of data from previous investigations
  • Programming and location of the investigations
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Geognostic surveys and in situ tests
  • Reporting on data and thematic mapping
  • Toxicological and ecosystem risk assessments
  • Studies on the possible effects of pyrite ashes on the groundwater
  • In-depth study of the geological and hydrogeological situation.

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