Monitoring and interventions in order to implement safety measures in two areas within a petrochemical plant Brindisi

Location   Client
Brindisi - Brindisi   Syndial Spa
Description of work    

Implementation of safety measures in two areas located within the petrochemical plant in Brindisi.

Messa in sicurezza aree stabilimento petrolchimico Brindisi
Detail of work    

The execution of the project included the supervision and coordination of activities in order to implement safety measures in two special landfills covering approximately 12 and 3 hectares, (29 and 7 acres) located at a distance of approximately 50 meters from the coastline.


The project envisaged the segregation of the waste by executing a perimeter diaphragm of 0,8 meters thick and at a depth of 33 meters embedded in a layer of clay. 


The diaphragm was made with a self-hardening clay with an HDPE membrane laid in between. After the diaphragm achieved the required level of hardening an HDPE sheet was welded to the covering sheet thus obtaining a complete encapsulation of the waste and contaminated soil.


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