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Global Services

Global Service is the integrated service system with which SIMAM designs and builds “turnkey” plants, taking care of all matters relevant to their management, including waste treatment and disposal methods.


“Turnkey” supply of plants for:


  • Water treatment for civilian use
  • Ground water treatment
  • Water filtration by using: sand, sand-anthracite, pyrolusite, activated carbons, ionic exchange resins, U.F. and RO membranes
  • Purification of civil and industrial waste water
  • Treatment of sludge from purification plants
  • Disposal and recovery of industrial and civil solid waste.



Global Service means that Simam takes on and deals with all those problems relating to liquid effluents and wastes produced and stored by a Company during the manufacturing cycle.


In particular:


  • Qualitative and quantitative characterization of the sites and the waste
  • Identification of the treatment processes and disposal systems
  • Deployment of authorized mobile plant, owned by SIMAM
  • Requesting authorizations and permitting for disposal
  • Activation of the treatment systems
  • Management of the plants by using SIMAM staff
  • Dosing of reagents
  • Sampling operations
  • Performing analysis in compliance with current regulations
  • Safe disposal of the waste produced during the treatment cycle
  • Relationship with the Authorities in charge of controlling the environment
  • Dismantling of plant at the end of the contract
  • Restoring the areas


Remuneration for the service is based on the amount of water and waste that is treated and disposed. Rates are all-inclusive and cover all the operations indicated above.

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