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Foundation for Solidarity

“Fondazione Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi

per i più bisognosi” Onlus


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“A company that invests locally helps the area and the community in which we live and work. Companies that invest in needy areas help their own future, as well as the future of the world.”

T. Rossi



The project that set up the “Fondazione Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi per i più bisognosi” (“Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi Foundation for the needy”), is oriented to support and social benevolence. It was born and developed within Simam by the will of the Rossi family, and with the participation of all staff in the respect for common ethical and cultural roots.


The Foundation currently works in Italy and in Ivory Coast, in the Yakassé area, providing help and support for children, elderly people and all those in need.


The spirit driving the Foundation in Africa is very different from the usual support-based systems, in the conviction that developing an individual, and thus a society, depends on the opportunities given to that individual’s abilities and potentials.


This has resulted in various projects, such as the “Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi hospitality centre”, a health centre, school and recreational facility that provides the local population with a space in which to receive treatment, grow and learn.


The Multifunctional training centre makes it possible to attend school, learn a trade, acquire skills, thus creating the foundations for a better future. Creation of the various structures, which were built by the inhabitants of surrounding villages, has made it possible to set up an important and varied training system for all the younger members of the local population.


All this helps to create an “Africa for the Africans”.



Fondazione Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi per i più bisognosi Onlus


Current projects in Ivory Coast


  • Hospital, pharmacy, gynaecology and maternity
  • Test laboratory
  • Nutritional centre for children
  • Hygiene training centre
  • Kindergarten and classroom used to train young people in various skills
  • Basic literacy skills for adults
  • Support for needy and non-self-sufficient elderly people




11/2, Via Cimabue 60019 Senigallia AN

Ph. +39 071 9931265 

FAX +39 071 6612621



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