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New treatment plant of the landfill leachate
Data pubblicazione : 30/03/2015
Foto testo
Simulation of the landfill

SIMAM signed with the company AMIU of Genoa, a major contract hire and management "full service".
"The new water treatment plant will be constructed upstream of the tanks that currently collect leachate, and is formed by two independent modules, each capable of treating 50 m3 / h (50 cubic meters / hour) and will be operational in about two months and a half. It will allow - in scheme - to enhance the plan of intervention in case of emergency ensuring a further purification capacity of approximately 2,400 m3 / day, in addition to the currently available at the purifier Cornigliano (approximately 3,000 m3 / day in case of needs). "
Read the press release of AMIU


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