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Design of an Executive Project for the removal of wastes contained in the Ex - ANIC industrial dump

Ingegneria ambientale per rimozione e smaltimento rifiuti discariche ex-ANIC


Location: Brindisi

Client: Syndial Spa


The dumping ground is made up of two basins, one for non hazardous wastes and one for hazardous wastes.

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Technical services and environmental engineering Falconara Marittima

 Falconara Marittima - Assistenza tecnica e Ingegneria Ambientale


Location: Falconara Marittima - Ancona

Client: Differents customers


Technical services and environmental engineering.


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Technical services and environmental engineering Porto Torres

Ingegneria ambientale - Porto Torres


Location: Porto Torres - Sassari

Client: Snamprogetti Spa


Technical assistance and carried out environmental engineering works for the purpose of implementing adequate safety measures during an emergency in a petrochemical plant located inside the national interest site of Porto Torres.

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Environmental restoration in landfills of an abandoned mine located Massa Marittima

Ingegneria ambientale aree ex minerarie Forni dell'Accesa, Serrabottini e Scabbiano


Location: Massa Marittima - Grosseto

Client: Syndial Spa


Intervention for the implementation of safety measures and environmental restoration in landfills of an abandoned mine.


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Soil and groundwater remediation of the former Montefibre area - first phase

Interventi di bonifica suoli e falda dell'area ex Montefibre, primo stralcio


Location: Porto Marghera - Venezia

Client: Venice Newport Container and Logistic Spa


Detailed project for the works on the basis of the final detailed project provisionally authorised by the Ministry for the Environment. Execution of the various works phases on the soil and groundwater.

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Decommissioning, remediation and demolition of abandoned industrial plants

Ingegneria ambientale per demolizioni impianti dismessi - Siti petrolchimici


Location: Various industrial facilities

Client: Varoius clients


Planning of decommissioning activities, remediation and demolition of abandoned plants in various Italian industrial settlements.


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