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Supervision and coordination of work to be carried out in order to proceed with the environmental restoration of an industrial landfill Portovesme

Location   Client
Portoscuso - Carbonia Iglesias   Syndial Spa
Description of work    

Work carried out for the environmental restoration of an industrial waste landfill and implementation of all necessary safety measures.

  • Supervision and coordination of the various works necessary to execute the project
  • Technical and administrative services offered to the customer
  • Planning of specific interventions deemed to be  necessary and subsequently carried out during the execution of the project.
 Detail of work    


The landfill is located in an area covering ‚Äč‚Äčabout 39 ha (about 96 acres)with the core covering 16 ha(about 39,5 acres). The stored material consists of non-ferrous slag resulting from metallurgical activity,occupying a total volume of 1.5- 2.0 million of m3. The area where the landfill is located is characterized by the presence on the surface of jagged and sometimes cracked volcanic rock.


The intervention designed to make the site safe, consisted of segregating the slag in order to eliminate the risk of formation and spread of leachate and to avoid the dispersion of solid particles in the atmosphere. 


The intervention of environmental restoration included the re-profiling of the landfill so to achieve stability especially in the sloping ground to optimize the positioning of the waterproof covering, the regimentation of rainwater and the afforestation of the area. 


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