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Design of an Executive Project for the removal of wastes contained in the Ex- ANIC industrial dump

Location   Client

Brindisi - Brindisi

  Syndial Spa
Description of work    

The dumping ground is made up of two basins, one for non hazardous wastes and one for hazardous wastes. The Project was developed to respond to the requirement of Controlling Bodies and to a proceed with the Security Measures for the area (lateral confinement and capping).


An attentive screening of possible intervention strategies, based on the technical-economic feasibility criteria, selected the intervention of complete removal of the waste as the most suitable for the achievement of the security measures and land reclamation objectives (complete removal of possible sources of contamination and elimination of the responsibilities of maintenance/monitoring tied to long-term post-operative management).

 Detail of work    

Following phases were developed:


  • Preliminary/classification characterization of wastes and estimation of the volumes to be disposed according to wastes characteristics and coding
  • Wastes Removal and their disposal
  • Removal of the materials from the bottom of the basins (waterproofed layers)
  • Demolition of the structures above ground level (embankments, manufactured structures)
  • and partial re-use of the resulting inert materials for the reburial of the basins
  • Final restoration of the area
  • Budget estimates (wastes volumes and quantities, unitary costs, items list) of the intervention
  • Design of the Security Measures Plan during design phase.

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