Decommissioning, remediation and demolition of abandoned industrial plants

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Various industrial facilities  

Various clients

Description of work    

Planning of decommissioning activities, remediation and demolition of abandoned plants in various Italian industrial settlements.


  • Analysis of existing data and on site verification
  • Planning
  • Technical services provided to the client in order to comply to the rules and regulations enforced by the relevant  control authorities
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for the relevant contracts.
Siti industriali dismessi - Bonifica e demolizione
 Detail of work    

We have designed, planned and carried out specific projects regarding the decommissioning, remediation and demolition of disused industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants for many companies operating throughout the national territory. The activities have been carried out in accordance with the nationals rules and regulations in force, and in various stages:


  • Collection of necessary documentation regarding the project
  • Study and preparation of pre-characterization plans aiming at analysing the actual condition of the structure and materials  present in the plant with particular attention paid to the presence of asbestos
  • Execution of surveys regarding thepre-characterization plans
  • Static verification and strength tests carried out on the plant’s structures
  • Identification and sizing of all safety measures and structures needed to carry out all the necessary work in safety
  • Identification of all  solutions needed  for the intervention and drafting of the project
  • Identification of waste disposal plants
  • Identification of controls’ measures  and procedures to be implemented to protect the environment during the execution of various works
  • Technical services provided  to the  client in order to satisfy the requirements of the control authorities and  obtain all the necessary permits
  • Preparation and drafting of necessary documentation needed for various contracts works.

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