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Soil and groundwater remediation of the former Montefibre area - first phase

Location   Client
Porto Marghera - Venezia  

Venice Newport Container and Logistic SpA

  • Detailed project for the works on the basis of the final detailed project provisionally authorised by the Ministry for the Environment, and the Protection of the Land and Sea
  • Execution of the various works phases on the soil and groundwater.
 Details of the activities    

Land-based works:


  • Confinement and physical isolation of the remediation areas
  • Excavation and disposal of earth
  • Capping of confined areas
  • Phytostabilization and environmental restoration, with revegetation of the cleaned-up areas


Groundwater works:


  • Extraction and recovery of polluted waters using Multi Phase Extraction technologies in the confined areas
  • Installation of a mobile groundwater treatment plant
  • Hydraulic and hydrochemical monitoring of the groundwater.

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